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How Many Followers Do You Need?

Select below packages according to your business requirements and Buy Now!

100 Instagram Followers

$ 2.99
  • Instant Delivery
  • Active Profiles
  • 100% Secure
  • Auto Refill

500 Instagram Followers

$ $8.99
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1000 Instagram Followers

$ 15.99
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2500 Instagram Followers

$ 39.99
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5000 Instagram Followers

$ $59.99
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10000 Instagram Followers

$ 119.99
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15000 Instagram Followers

$ $165.99
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25000 Instagram Followers

$ $199.99
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Our Core Services

Buy Instagram Followers Nigeria

The most difficult task now adays are to get authentic and active followers. You’re this big hectic problem could be solved with the help of buy Instagram followers Nigeria and you can purchase your desired package in reasonable amount. We guarantee you for the shielded operation because we don’t need private data from you. We provide you a very convenient method to construct a social media platform to you by offering you real and active followers.

Buy Instagram Likes Nigeria

BuyNigeriaFollowers.Com is supreme ministration supplier for you that offers you likes for Instagram utilizers with authentic and active profiles. For your Instagram accounts construction, we contribute you with likes within a short time span we assure you that you would not decline with time flow just like some other service vendor.

our services

Why Choose BuyNigeriaFollowers


We promise our purchasers to provide best features of services, by using our services you can attain authentic and active followers for your profile.


You do not have to stop and delay your work for days we just take only 2 to 3 hours to deliver after your payment. In 24/7 we assure you to deliver your order.


Our policy does not require any personal data and it values your privacy. Our primary concern is just about the safety of your account so we do not need your passwords you have to just assure that your account is public.


We are working in this business from a long time so all of you can depend on us because we utilize the safest procedure to enhance profile likes and followers.


Full claim back money is also available if you are not satisfied with our work, or your mind set changed to some other package.


Not at all we bargain with the quality of our services we vows to facilitate with best to our customers so don’t take tension of your name and business we just provides authentic followers.

Why you should buy Instagram followers Nigeria?

Your goal is to increase your reach on Instagram? Whether you want to become an influencer, already are, or whether you want to use social media to reach new customers.

Especially in the beginning it can be very frustrating when the number of followers just doesn’t increase and you wonder how the others can do it so effortlessly…

Simply because many of them buy Instagram followers Nigeria. Because a profile with a certain base of subscribers benefits from more trust and thus has it much easier to grow and reach more users.

Buying followers or other types of reach is now an established marketing strategy that is used by small to large companies as well as influencers and private individuals.

Admittedly, most people will advise you against it. Why? Because they don’t know about Buy Nigeria Followers yet.

We don’t deliver bots – we deliver subscriptions from real people. We support your growth and “feed” the algorithm. So you not only increase the number of your followers, but also improve visibility. After all, it’s about reaching real people and being seen.

Why Instagram followers important for your business?

Instagram followers are important for businesses because they represent potential customers and can help to increase brand visibility and reach. A large number of followers can help to establish your business as a leader in your industry and increase trust and credibility with your target audience.

Having a strong Instagram presence can also help businesses to drive traffic to their website, generate leads, and increase sales. By consistently posting engaging and relevant content, businesses can build a relationship with their followers and foster brand loyalty. This, in turn, can lead to more organic growth and engagement on the platform.

Moreover, having a large and engaged following on Instagram can also provide businesses with valuable insights into their target audience, including demographics, preferences, and behavior. This information can be used to inform marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions that can help to drive business growth.

In conclusion, having a strong following on Instagram can provide many benefits for businesses, including increased brand visibility, a wider reach, and the ability to engage with potential customers and gain valuable insights into their behavior.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Safe?

Yes! Because: We do not work with unfair methods. Your Instagram profile is visited by a real user and then subscribed. The user receives remuneration or another incentive for this. We also make sure that all users have a profile picture and that each person can only participate once. However, please keep in mind: For many users, the financial incentive is the priority. So your followers will not automatically become paying customers or like your pictures.

Key reasons to buy Instagram followers

If you want to increase the number of followers of your Instagram account, buy Instagram followers. By buying Instagram followers, you can gain engaged users faster, which in turn leads to gaining trust and attracting new customers.

Is it legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy Instagram followers. It is not against Nigerian law to purchase Instagram followers for your own use. After all, it is your account. Even celebrities buy followers when their popularity dips for a while. That way they can keep their big accounts.

In addition, many people wonder if buying Instagram followers gives you a little boost and is useful for your account. Before discussing this topic, it is important to ask yourself who you should follow. A user with 10,000 followers? Or rather someone with 100 followers?

How to buy Instagram followers Nigeria?

Yes, Instagram followers can be easily purchased. It’s a short process where you just need to provide your username and start enjoying followers in no time. In the Nigeria, many people also take advantage of the opportunity to become an influencer. We therefore explain step by step how you can buy followers:

  • Choose the package that fits your profile.
  • Enter your username.
  • Continue with the steps and add a discount code if you have one.
  • Wait about 30 minutes and the followers will be linked to your account.

Can I buy followers with my Paypal account?

We naturally want to offer as many payment methods as possible. That is why we have introduced the option to pay with Debit Card, with the result that the purchase process is very simple. We also offer the option to pay with Stripe. If you send us a chat message, we can also offer you the option to pay with Apple Pay and Paypal. We always make sure that you can go through an easy process to enjoy our services. If you also have points for improvement, we would like to hear about this by means of a message.

Do you earn the money back?

There is of course no guarantee that you will earn the money back, but you do have the certainty that more trust is created in your account (due to the higher number of followers). However, it’s not a good business idea to buy 50,000 followers right away and then have a profile with no traffic. So you have to make sure that you have already experienced organic growth where buying the Instagram followers is an extra thing on top of creating value for your followers. Moreover, you cannot make the decision to buy followers and then stop producing content.

Furthermore, you should always keep in mind the main themes of your account, as well as how you want to attract followers interested in your niche. If your niche is about cars, you don’t want to suddenly start talking about football (otherwise you won’t have a common thread running through your profile). The most important aspect of a growing profile is being able to produce good and timeless content.

Is there any other way to get followers?

Yes, Instagram offers a lot of ways to grow profiles. If you have the budget to set up ads, you can create more activity around your account by placing ads on Instagram.

  • Find a product to promote. If you want to promote yourself, that is also a possibility. In that case, post a photo of yourself and add a nice caption.
  • Choose a caption and think about what you want to write (preferably something short and recognizable). For example, if you have a niche about cars, you could go for “A passion for cars…”.
  • Watch some YouTube videos as you can learn a lot from them. You discover how others do it. There are therefore enough tips to keep you busy for no less than 100 years.

Do you need to be active on other platforms?

Yes, it is a good idea to be sufficiently active on other platforms. Everything is connected nowadays. Someone who uses Twitter must also have an Instagram account, the same for TikTok. Being available on the other platforms will always help you grow, which is obviously important to increase your engagement. Moreover, someone who uses TikTok, Instagram and Twitter is seen on many platforms and therefore gets even more followers because that person is visible in several places. The most important thing you should get out of our blog is that if you buy followers, keep your account up to date. Therefore, stay active on Instagram to increase your engagement and keep it that way.

Buy Instagram followers in a simple and good way

At BuyNigeriaFollowers, we think it is very important that when you buy followers, you always feel safe during the whole process, as well as that you experience a lot of growth. In an incredibly short time we have grown enormously and we have had many customers who have been nothing but positive. Here at BuyNigeriaFollowers we cannot be compared to the other providers; we also want to give you the opportunity to promote yourself. With the help of our blog post, in which we regularly write about how you can get an increase in Instagram followers, you can go a long way! In the blog we also talk about everything from different measures that can be taken to expand your profile, as well as other topics that are relevant when it comes to social media. We therefore recommend that you always consult our blog before purchasing any followers. You can already experience a lot of growth with the help of our tips!

In addition, when buying Instagram followers, you can expect a huge growth of your profile, almost immediately. This instant growth will also help you go viral, as well as get your photos higher in the rankings (based on relevant hashtags) at the same time. This will in turn lead to a range of other things that will make you get more and more traffic on your profile; it will either increase your sales or cause a big increase in conversion. Furthermore, our services are not the only way to get more followers, but it can be seen as the most effective way.

Benefits of buying followers on Instagram

It is actually quite logical that many young people fall for this. Where you usually have to produce content for years to get a few hundred to a thousand followers, you can now get those followers without having a single photo or video on your account. That is the biggest advantage of buying followers on Instagram. Other (indirect) benefits of this include:

  • The chance of paid collaborations or other work via Instagram increases when you have more followers. After all, companies like to work with larger accounts on Instagram.
  • People and companies are more easily impressed when you have a lot of followers on Instagram. That can ensure that you then get more followers in an organic way.
  • Fair is fair: that number above 10K followers also looks very nice in your biography on Instagram.

In short, there are plenty of benefits to buying Instagram followers. The only question is: is that allowed in the Nigeria and is it actually permitted to do this in 2023? For that, we need to look at the disadvantages of buying followers on Instagram. They are also sufficient. For example, did you know that you can easily see if an account has fake followers? When the number of followers suddenly increases and the interaction per post remains minimal, there is a good chance that Instagram followers has been bought.

Buy Instagram Followers - FAQs

When will my order start?

As soon as your payment is accepted, our team will get to work contacting our network and marketing your account.

Can I be blocked by Instagram?

We offer real followers on your Instagram account. We abide by Instagram rules when delivering followers and follow-per-follow doesn't go against Instagram rules.

How good are your services?

The Ever Best. Only real and active users are contacted. All services are high quality and instantaneous.

Why choose us?

BuyNigeriaFollowers.Com is the number one Nigerian company for the provision of social media services. When it comes to marketing to grow your account, we are simply The Ever Best. Since the launch of Instagram, we've been helping influencers become industry leaders.

What if someone unfollow me?

BuyNigeriaFollowers Since these are real followers, there can sometimes be a drop, but please don't worry as you will be covered by our guarantee. We will gradually top up your account, in case you don't receive a top up; you can contact our customer support at any time.

Will you have to connect to my Instagram account?

No, we will never connect to your account or ask for your password.

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